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Rock Climbing was a skill our primitive ancestors used as a survival skill and or for protection for their burial grounds. Rock Climbing became a sport in the 19th century and in more recent years has become more advanced.

Before the mid 1990’s if you wanted to experience rock climbing you would either have to go to the actual mountain or go to an indoor gym that had a Rockwall permanently affixed to the wall. In the 90’s a mobile Rock affixed to a trailer was developed making

Rockwall climbing a reality for the masses. Rockwall climbing has now become a staple attraction at fairs and festivals.
The inspiration for Mobile Rock USA was created from the love of rock climbing and educating and inspiring the masses. With the development of the Mobile Rockwall the opportunities were endless for us to share in this love or rock climbing.

What age group is Mobile Rockwall recommend for?

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of walls to choose from. Each wall is designed to have a easy, moderate and hard difficulty option making our Mobile Rockwall’s ideal for all ages. IF the climber can walk and hold their body weight with their arms then they are ideal for climbing.

What if we have never climbed a wall before?

Don’t worry, our highly trained professional staff at Mobile Rock USA can teach you. Climbing is very easy to learn. The nice thing about climbing is you are able to do it at your own speed and pace. The more you do it the better your techniques get making it easier and easier to climb. With our different lines having different degrees of difficulty makes our Mobile Rockwall rentals ideal for any age or climbing skill at your event.

Are Mobile Rockwall safe?

Yes, Mobile Rock USA Rockwall’s all have auto belay systems.

What is an Auto Belay system for Mobile Rockwall’s?

An automatic belay device (AKA auto belay) takes up slack as you climb, thereby negating the need for a belayer on the ground. When the climber reaches the top, or if they fall, the device automatically catches the climber and slowly lowers them to the ground.

How many climbers can go on a wall at my event?

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of Mobile Rockwall’s. We have walls that have 2 stations to 5 stations each station allows 1 climber per station to enjoy the Mobile Rockwall at a time. Each climber varies on the time they take to climb the wall but if you allow each climber 3 mins you can get up to 100 climbers a hour on K2 our 5 station Rockwall. Our most popular Rockwall’s has only 4 stations and that would allow 80 climbers an hour to scall the wall.

When I rent a Rockwall at my event how long is it rented for?

Mobile Rock USA rents all of its extreme attraction for a 4-hour period. Threw the years Mobile Rock USA has observed that the perfect event time is 4 hours. If gives the people that are always late the opportunity to arrive and it gives everyone at the event time to enjoy all the actives. Most family’s stay at an event or festival for approx. 2 hours. A 4-hour event allows for a event stream of people to come and go from the event.

Do I have to man the Rockwall?

NO, all of our extreme attractions come with a train, professional staff that will help all of your guest enjoy themselves while do it in a safe manner.

What if I need more than a Rockwall Rental?

Look no further, Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of Inflatable interactive games for rent as well as a large selection of inflatable slide rentals, combos rentals and Inflatable obstacle course rentals. Is it going to be a hot the day of your event, then you may wat to chose one of our many Inflatable Water Ride rentals we have to choose from.

Contact on of highly train professional staff members at Mobile Rock USA and let us help you tailer an event list of our many attractions for your event.