Public Events

Mobile Rock USA has 30 years of experience in putting on large public events.  Mobile Rock USA was one of the 1st entertainment rental companies to have a mobile rock allowing the fun and challenge of climbing a Rockwall at your event. Rockwalls are still a must have for any public event. It gives each climber no matter their age or ability a safe yet challenging way to have an extreme experience.

Mobile Rock USA has more then just Rockwall rentals. Mobile Rock USA also has a large selection of inflatables. This includes a large selection of Interactive Game Rentals, Carnival Games, Water Ride rentals, Giant Inflatable Slide and combo rental and Obstacle Course rentals.

Let our experts help you design the perfect balance of attractions for your event that will entertain all the age groups at your event from toddlers all the way up to adults. With our large selection of different items and our experience we can help develop a package that will fit in your budget and your public event needs. 

Some things to take in consideration when picking and planning your inflatables for your public event. 

You need to make sure that there is a safe place for “little one” to have fun. We have a huge selection of toddler combos that are a great option. For the “little ones” a regular 13×13 bounce house and gives them a safe place to be able to play with out the treat of bigger jumpers. We suggest you put a sign for 5 and under. Not only does this help create a safe place for the most fragile attendees but it also is welcomed by the parents of a toddler that do not feel it is safe for their babies to go into a unit with older jumpers. 

Another suggest that we suggest is that you have a “Giant Slide”. Slides offer a lot of fun for children and there are some children that do not wish to jump but just slide. Slides also offer one of the highest turn over rate allowing for you to get the largest number of riders threw this inflatable in a hour. 

Combo units are the best of both world’s wrapped into one unit. A combo unit is a full-size bounce house with a slide attached. We suggest you select combo units that the slides exit is on the outside of the unit allowing for a natural exit and a better flow for the children; when 1 comes out 1 goes in. 

Obstacle Course are a great selection for your public event. We suggest that you have an attendant at the front of the obstacle course and set it up as a race. This gets the maximum number of children threw the obstacle course all while adding a competitive level that children love. 

Inflatable Interactive Games are another great selection for your public event entertainment. Everyone young or old are naturally competitive and that is why any of the inflatable interactive games are a great selection for your public event entertainment. 

Contact our highly trained professional and allow us to help you pick the perfect inflatables for your public event entertainment.