Mechanical Bull Rental by Mobile Rock USA

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of Extreme Attraction which also features a Mechanical Bull Rental. Mobile Rock USA induces to your “Rocky” the mechanical bull. Rocky has been the life of the party for more then 20 years. Rocky the mechanical bull rental loves kids and adults all the same. We have spent many years training Rocky to give you the best ride and show of your lifetime. Rocky lives his best life going to the best parties and events that money can buy. “Rocky” the mechanical bull rental goes to weddings, festivals, birthday parties, 21-year-old bashes, over the hill parties, sober grad nights, 4th of July block parties, corporate parties and any other party and event you can think of.

Rock the bull rental comes with a highly trained OSHA certified operator that safety in the number one priority. “Rocky” the bull rental is typically rented for a 4-hour time period. We can always feed Rocky a little more the night before and have him stay longer.

Is a Mechanical Bull Rental Safe?

Yes, to answer the question. However, with any other machine it needs to be treated as a machine and not a toy. If the mechanical bull is used properly and the rules are followed there is a very low risk of injury. Here at Mobile Rock USA safety is our number 1 priority make “Rocky” the bull rental a safe option for you and your guest at your event.
Rocky the Bull has a 15’ diameter inflatable cushion that surrounds Rocky insuring a soft painless landing when Rocky the bull rental knocks you off. Rocky the bull also has a soft head and horns ensuring you and your guest will the safest ride possible.

Why is your bull more than other company’s bulls?

It’s simple… you get what you pay for. Mobile Rock USA is a professional company that has been in business for over 30 years. You can book with confidence knowing that Mobile Rock USA will deliver what you order and our equipment is in good clean working condition.
In the state of California, a mechanical bull rental is considered to be an amusement ride and is required to be inspected and follow strict guidelines set by the state with the rider’s safety as top priority. To maintain your OSHA certification, you have to have insurance which is regulated by the state of California. Mobile Rock USA has to do regular inspections and maintenance on all our OSHA certified amusement rides which cost a lot more. There are companies that rent bulls with out an operator which is extremely dangerous. If you find a cheaper company for the mechanical bull rental you may want to ask your self, what are you giving up for that cheaper price.

You can book “Rocky” the mechanical bull rental with confidence when booking with Mobile Rock USA. Contact our highly trained staff today and we can tailor make a quote and answer all your questions or concerns you may have about Rocky at your event. Having “Rocky” the mechanical bull rental at your event will not disappoint.

Mechanical Bull Rentals are always a great addition to your event. Mechanical bull rentals can be the center point of your events entertainment or makes a great addition to your Rockwall Rental. Mobile Rock USA also have a large selection of Extreme Attractions which includes Meltdown, Kapow, Dizzy X, Rocket Ride, Segway Races, Bungee Jumping 2 station or 4 stations available, and our award winning Spider Mountain which includes Rockwall climbing, Bungee Jumping, Rope Climbing and Climb and Slide.