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Product Information:

Get ready to elevate your excitement to new heights with our single station and multi-station Quad Bungee – the coolest thing in Extreme Air technology that'll have you bouncing like never before! Setting up all four stations is a piece of cake, taking just 60 minutes, and once they're good to go, up to four people can defy gravity simultaneously.

Prepare for flips that are not just a hoot but also a breeze to pull off. Take your soaring skills to new heights – we're talking 25 feet above the ground – and watch as parents become the ultimate cheerleaders, thrilled to see their kids having an absolute blast. The Quad Bungee isn't just about thrill-seeking; it's a full-blown spectacle that spreads joy and entertainment to everyone in the vicinity.

Whether you're looking to master those cheerleading stunts or just want to add a dose of fun exercise to your day, our extreme air bouncing equipment is the answer. It's the super-fun element that cranks up the excitement at any event or gathering.

Eager to dive deeper into the details of this gravity-defying addition to your entertainment arsenal? Give us a shout, and let us spill the beans on our Quad Bungee – because when it comes to extreme air, we've got the tech and the fun factor dialed up to the max! 🚀🎉

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

40 x 30 x 40

Space Needed:

40 x 30 x 40

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