Mobile Rock has a large selection of inflatable slide and combo units rentals.

School Event Banner Inflatable Slide Rentals and Combo Unit Rentals

Mobile Rock USA has more then just Rockwall Rentals. Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of inflatable slides and combo units.

Water Inflatable Slide and Dry Inflatable Slide Rentals

Mobile Rock USA offers both water slide rentals and dry slide rentals. Mobile Rock USA has the largest selection in Northern California of huge water slide and slip and slide combo rentals. Our water slide combo rentals are all show stopping pieces. A water slide combo rental takes an already thrilling huge water slide and attaches a slip n slide making it a long more thrilling ride for your guest. We have waterslide combo ranging from 20’ -24’ double lane slide combos. Our 20’ Fiesta Paradise combo is great for a wide range of ages. It is not too high for the little guest at your party but is big enough for your older guest to still have a thrilling ride. Mobile Rock USA has 2 MEGA giant waterslide combo that are show stoppers. We have the 24’ Double Lane Lighting slide combo and the 24’ Double Lane Roaring River Combo slide. This show stopping water slide rentals are best for older kids and adults or the fearless kids that are little and do not know they are little…lol; kind of like the adults that have not gotten the memo that they are adults and still think they are kids. Fear of heights is the only reason why these monster slides are not recommended for little ones. They get to the top and look down and are intimidated at the drop of the slide. If they can get over that fear they will have a ride and a time of a life time threw out your event.

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of waterslides ranging from 14’-24’ both single lane water slide rentals as well as double lane water slide rentals. We recommend slide 14’-16’ slide single lane inflatable slides or double lane inflatable slide rentals for this age group. Bigger is not always better for this age group. Why? well it is simple, FEAR. Younger children get to the top of our mega slides and look down and freeze out of fear and will not go down the slide. The mega slide also takes longer for younger kids to get to the top, limiting the number of kids that can have a turn on the mega slide rental. Children over the age of 7 we recommend slides 18’-20’. Most of these children are able to climb to the top of the slide rental with ease and do not have as much fear as the younger kids. Our mega slide rentals, which are 20-24’ tall inflatable slide rentals are recommended for ages 10 and up, even adult can find hours of endless fun on these huge inflatable slide rentals. 

Check out our water ride selection of inventory for pictures of all our water slide options. For dry slides check out slide’s and combo rental section for pictures and option. 

Inflatable Combo Unit Rentals

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of inflatable combo unit rentals. What is a inflatable combo unit? Well, that is simple… it is the best of 2 worlds. A Combo unit consists of a full-size bounce house jumping area with a slide attached. Some of our combo unit rentals can be used wet or dry. Mobile Rock USA have a wide range of inflatable combo units ranging in sizes of both the units and the height of the slide. Mobile Rock USA has a few toddler combo unit rentals that work best for kids 1-5. The toddler unit combo rentals are designed with the little guys in mind. We have an 8n1 toddler combo that works as a mini obstacle course with little guys in mind, the slide in the combo unit is smaller and the pop-up obstacles are also mini sized. We also have our little builder’s combo obstacle that is designed with the smallest guest at your event in mind.

Mobile Rock USA has 3 different style options of our 3n1 combo unit rental that can be used wet or dry. The 3n1 style inflatable combo unit is a great selection for event or places where space is tight. Our 3 different themes for our 3na inflatable combo unit are Unicorn Combo, Green Venom or Tropical Bliss combo. All of the units have the same blueprint just different themes to best fit into your theme of your party. 3n1 style inflatable combo units are a great selection when planning a large event with a lot of kids. Why is the 3n1 style combo a good selection for event… well it is simple. 1 attendant can control both the entrance and the exit of the unit standing in 1 position due to its compact design. Slides make a natural exit and helps increase the natural flow of in and out of a unit at an event that has a large number of children attending.

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of inflatable combo units to choose from and we are always routing in and out our units to bring you the latest best inflatable combo unit rentals available. Feel free to contact our highly train, knowable staff at Mobile Rock USA to help tailor a equipment list for your event that will touch on all the needs of your guest.