Convention Wall - Trade Show Idea !

Are you tasked with finding a new, fun, unique trade show idea for your company? Something that will set you apart from your competition? Look no farther…. Let Mobile Rock USA bring a Convention Rock wall or Trade show Rockwall and bring your booth alive and help you set your self apart from the rest.

You have won the lottery today if you are reading this. How many trade shows or conventions have you been to where a Rockwall is the center of the convention center and is the show stopper of the whole convention.

Mobile Rock USA is one of the only companies in the USA that has designed and developed a Rockwall that is compact enough to fit into a tradeshow booth, that is portable and is safe for all the attendees of the trade show.
Convention Rockwall’s have been set up on the street in San Francisco where space is very limited in front of the North Face retail store. Convention Rock walls It has been set up in art museums where space was very limited. Convention Walls are perfect for limited space requirements or areas where a truck and trailer can not travel, like inside buildings.

Mobile Rockwall has been in business for 30 plus years and has helped many large corporations in new branding of products, help corporations set them selves apart from the rest, or with advertainment.
How cool would that be to have a Rockwall as the center piece of your booth at the next convention. Well with Mobile Rock USA the sky is the limit. We can help custom make banners for advertisements that are displayed on the sides of the Rockwall.

Convention Rockwall rentals or Tradeshow Rockwall rentals can be tailer made to fit in the space you have. We have a 180-degree convention Rockwall that can range in height from 12’ – 20’. We even have a wall that is 360 degrees allowing for the Rockwall to be seen from all sides and can allow up to 4 climbers at a time to scale the massive Rockwall in the middle of the convention center.

Mobile Rock USA is located in Northern California. Due to the uniqueness of the Convention Rockwall’s and that we are the only company in the USA to have this design we have frequently travel to convention centers all of the USA. We have annual conventions that we have been doing for 10 plus years in New York and Chicago.

If you are looking for something to set yourself apart from your competition at a trade show or convention then you will please to know that we can custom tailor a set up that will help you do just that.
Contact our knowledgeable staff at Mobile Rock USA and let’s start planning your trade show today. Mobile Rock has set up our convention Rockwall’s for some big corporate clients from Jeep, Comicon, North Face, Olympus, REI, Nintendo’s Mario & Sonic Olympic Games, Discover, X games, Monster Energy Drink, Nasar just to name a few.

There are so many moving parts when planning for your tradeshow booth and it is never to early to start planning. Give our professional and expense staff a call today and together lets be the talk of the trade show for years to come.