Planning your School Event !

MObile Rock USA Event Planning your School Event

If you are taskset with planning the School Carnival, School Fun day, end of School Celebration, School Festival or any other school event you have reach the School Event experts.

Mobile Rock USA has over 30 years of helping schools put together and deliver the perfect school event. With our highly train staff Mobile Rock USA has some of the latest and safest equipment in the industry.

First thing we need to know is budget!

Mobile Rock USA has a large selection of items to choose from. With the large selection of items their is also a wide range priced items. We have items as low as $100 up into the thousands of dollars. It would not make sense to sell your self of large ticket items if it is not in the budget.

Second we need to figure out how much space you have?

Will the items be set up outside or inside ?

Will they be set up on grass or concrete ?

What items do I choose for my school event ?

Before we can start with selecting your items we need to know what age children you are planning for.

Elementary School Age kids event

Depending on what grades your elementary school has this is the widest range in children at any one school. If your site is TK-8th grade you will have children ranging from 4-14 years old.

A 4 year old have different needs with inflatables then a 14 year old.

For Children TK-2nd grade are still young enough that a regular bounce house or combo unit would be just fine. A inflatable Combo unit is the best of 2 worlds. It is made up of a regular jump house with a large jumping area and a slide. Depending of the style of combo unit you select will determine how tall the slide is and how big the unit is.

Kids 3rd grade and above start to enjoy Inflatable Interactive games more the a standard bounce house. Any game or item that has some type of challenge element natural built into it will keep this age range more entertained. Obstacle course are a great selection for any age kid from 4- adults.

Rockwall rentals are a great selection for elementary school age children. Rockwall rentals are a individual challenge and is adaptable to make different levels of abilities. 

Some of our Extreme Attractions may not be the best fit as their is a height requirement for some of the rides. Bungee Jumping is a great option though, it allows riders from 30lbs-220lbs and the is no height requirement. 

Middle School / High School Events

These kids are bigger and some are full adult size. With this in mind any of our Inflatable Interactive games would be perfect. All our inflatable interactive games has a challenging aspect that older children love. 

Any of our Extreme attraction would also be a great selection for this age group. Some of our most popular Extreme Attraction for middle school / high school age group are the Dizzy X, Kapow, “Rocky” the bull, Bungee Jumping . 

Rockwall rentals are another great choice for this age group.

Other things to know before booking !

What is the day of your event ?

How long and what time is the event ?

Will you have power available or will you need generators?

Will you be providing volunteers for each inflatable attraction ? OR do you need Mobile Rock USA to provide staffing ?

 Feel Free to contact a highly trained staff at Mobile Rock USA and we can help you answer all of these question and tailor make a event that will work for the age range you need all while staying in the budget you have. 


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